26th März 2016



"I’ve had great pleasure organizing and participating pitch workshops with Pascal. His workshops are motivating, inspiring and fun. He helped the students a lot to develop a great story for their pitches and present them in a convincing, confident way. Thank you for your great work!" - Ana Carolina Alex, President of START Berlin

Claude is fun to work with! He trained me 1-on-1 for several of my speeches and I made great progress each time, especially in my confidence on stage. The big plus with Claude as a coach is his vast experience. He is fast in picking up what a speech is missing and feeds back decisive suggestions tailored to my personal speaking style. That way I began to get a hang of public speaking and what i need to do to feel good in front of an audience. Thanks! - Christian Kögel, M.D.

Kristian_Rother"Pascal prepared and delivered a 2-hour workshop on "Argue Like a Pro" as a guest speaker in our organization, the Spreeredner Toastmasters. His performance convinced me more than fully, because
1) Pascal got to the facts right away and presented them in a stimulating yet unobtrusive manner,
2) he used a self-produced video clip during the workshop that was a blast and
3) everybody got to participate in the second half. We had other workshops involving debating before, but Pascal raised the bar conceivably and our speakers grew to the challenge.
Obviously, Pascals meticulous preparation paid off." - Dr. Kristian Rother, Vice President Education at Berliner Spreeredner

Matthias Bannas"Pascal hat mit viel Charme und Übersicht den Berliner Pub Talk zum Thema Nudging moderiert. Es ist ihm gelungen, die Expertinnen Dr. Jana Diels und Linda Teuteberg mit dem Publikum ins Gespräch zu bringen. … und was ist jetzt Nudging und wo sind die Fallstricke? Das ist deutlich geworden. Hier könnt Ihr es nachlesen." - Matthias Bannas, Leiter Verbandskommunikation beim Bundesverband der Dienstleistungswirtschaft und Initiator vom Berliner Pub Talk

"Pascal is a passionate speaker on all levels. Completely independent of the context, he will deliver his message encitingly, comphrensible and with an eye and an ear for the details. His great empathy not only enables him to structure a speech in such a way that the audience gets the most out of it, but also is a gift for everyone visiting his workshops to learn with him." - Tomass Lacis, Student & spiritual author

jasmin-touati_405x405"Pascal developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop about debate techniques for the Berlin Spreeredner Toastmasters Club and our guests. What stands out about Pascal is that he is flexible and adapts his expertise to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs. His experiential approach reinforces learning and provided us with much to think about, skills to apply when back in our own workplace and strategies to 'Argue Like a Pro'. Feedback was excellent from all participants. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. Thank you Pascal!” - Dr. Jasmin Touati, President of Berliner Spreeredner