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1 on 1 Training

Let us help you with your next presentation with one on one coaching. We can help you organise, structure, shorten, re-word and rework your speech so that your message is clear, to the point, and fun to listen to. Learn more …

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Seminar: Presentation Skills

Do you want presentations in your organization to be fun & compelling instead of boring & ineffective? The SpeechMentors Presentation Skills seminar interactively revitalizes your presentation culture!
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Seminar: Speeches

Should your team be able to sway minds, inspire change and motivate their audience? The SpeechMentors Speeches seminar prepares you for an extensive range of speaking occasions!
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Your SpeechMentors

Claude Desroches

Speaker & Trainer
Claude is a seasoned speaker and seminar leader. Mentoring individuals to help them improve their presentation and speaking skills is what he does best.
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Pascal Heymann

Speaker & Trainer
Pascal provides his expertise in speaking and leadership to help business leaders create captivating experiences for their audiences and inspire their teams.
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