13th October 2016

Group SpeechMentors Seminars

Are multiple members of your business or organisation looking to boost their public speaking skills? Then group SpeechMentors seminars offer an effective alternative to private presentation training!

Who is the Professional Speaking Seminar "Speeches" for?

Each organisation and business is unique and so are the requirements of their members. This is why we tailor the content and skills delivered in each seminar to your individual needs instead of wasting your time with irrelevant modules.

Choose the seminar topics most relevant to your organisation and we will create a custom concept for and with you:

Presentations (Pitch)

From elevator pitch to a full business pitch in front of investors, we show you how to craft a compelling story and convince the audience of your great new idea/product.

Presentations (Academia)

Academic presentations have the reputation of being dull and sleep inducing, but we know and believe they don’t have to be! Coming from academia, we have identified the pitfalls of academic presentations and help scientists, scholars, and students present their research in an engaging and memorable manner.

Presentations (General)

Do you want to WOW your next audience? From internal business reports to speaking at a conference, we prepare you to give enticing presentations that won’t put your audience to sleep.

Speaking with Confidence

We help you understand the underlying mechanisms behind nervousness on stage and show you how to prepare for your next speaking engagement. By using visualisation techniques, the right body language and vocal exercises, you will be able to impress your audience by exuding confidence.

Spontaneous Speaking

Whether you’re in a business meeting, in a surprise interview or asked to fill in for another speaker at a conference, many of us freeze or blabber on when speaking off the cuff. We help you prepare for unprepared speaking gigs by training your creativity muscles, teaching you effective reply structures, and putting these skills into practice.

Visual Aides

The time to hide behind PowerPoint slides is over! Learn how to use PowerPoint and other visuals effectively to hold your listener’s attention and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

How to Debate Logically

Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by arguments and each choice we make is based on an argument. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to tell apart good arguments from bad arguments. We teach you the skills of identifying the good ones and pointing out the manipulative tactics used by dishonest debaters, making you a better decision maker in the process.

Presentation Skills Training for Schools

The classroom – For many, it’s been their first point of contact with presentations. Especially in Germany, giving presentations is an integral and regular part of the curriculum. Yet, most students dread the idea of getting up in front of their peers and presenting their work. But why is that? Partly, because they’ve never been shown how.

To stimulate classroom presentations and prepare students for presentation exams, we offer classes for high school students on how to give fun & interactive presentations that everyone can enjoy. Classes range from 1 day to 4 day projects in which students learn to enjoy the process of preparing presentations, designing visual slides and speaking confidently in front of their peers.

If you’re working at a school and would like us to join your class, please contact us through the form below!

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