1st September 2016

Private Presentation Training

What you can expect

Do you want to give a great presentation? Deliver a moving speech or need to WOW your audience?

With one on one presentation training, feedback is personal, focused, and immediate.  We assess your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Together, we create a tailor-made action plan. We give you concise and constructive feedback You will learn to develop & deliver engaging, clear, and entertaining presentation(s) tailored to your style and your audience's needs. We show you little tricks and exercises that will transform you into a more confident speaker.

Our presentation training is highly personalisedWe challenge you. We gently push you out of your comfort zone. Result? You grow in ability and confidence.

To unlock your full potential, continuous work and dedication are needed. Training, by design, is split into short 1-hour sessions.

Our goal:  Enable YOU to write and deliver powerful presentations.   

Let us accompany you on your speaking journey!

What others are saying...

Claude is fun to work with! He trained me 1-on-1 for several of my speeches and I made great progress each time, especially in my confidence on stage. The big plus with Claude as a coach is his vast experience. He is fast in picking up what a speech is missing and feeds back decisive suggestions tailored to my personal speaking style. That way I began to get a hang of public speaking and what I need to do to feel good in front of an audience. Thanks!
Christian Kögel, MD


Thank you so much, Pascal!! I cannot express my gratitude towards you. Thanks for being so attentive to details and for your patience!!! I greatly appreciate it! Your professionalism as well as your witty charming humour while helping me, I greatly enjoyed when working on my thesis presentation. You are a great person to work with. You helped me a lot on getting stuff done, but at the same time you make all these process fun with your charisma. Your daily inquiries on my progress, made me feel how much you cared. I am really fortunate to have had you as my coach. The care you took in assisting me on my Master’s thesis was more than I expected. I am extremely touched to receive all of your support during that period. Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I really couldn’t have made this without your help! You are the best coach ever.
Ashley Yong-Li, Business student


The presentation coaching with Claude was extremely beneficial to me. I was to deliver a workshop on stress relief for an important customer. Claude had a very sharp eye on my verbal and non-verbal communication; he showed me how to retain a narrative tension and how to inspire and connect with the audience. Besides that, it was fun! I value Claude for his vast experience. He pointed out details that I had not thought of. With that, I was excellently prepared and my workshop was a huge success. Thank you, Claude! I highly recommend you as a coach. Your support makes such a difference!
Heike Dupslaff, Coach and Trainer

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